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Common Core - Boatbuilders

Foil Boats Lesson Plan

Maritime Academy Charter HS

Montrose High School

Maritime Academy of Toledo

Urban Promise

Warwick Area Career and Technical Center

Wind and Oar Boat School

Northern Providence Schools Marine Technology

Port Townsend Public Schools - Maritime Program

Strathroy District Collegiate Institute

23 Years of Teaching Boatbuilding

Maritime & Intermodal Education for Primary & Secondary School Students

Building to Teach - Matthew Cuppies

New York Harbor School - Urban Assembly

Jay Benford

Boat Building And Testing At Washington Lee High for Clayton Workshop

Douglas Brooks Boat Building By Eye

Erie High School Maritime Program

Malcolm Black - KC Sea Flea Programme

Pecha Kucha - All Hands Boatworks

Pecha Kucha - Wayne Ford Hudson River Maritime Museum

Ladders of Opportunity

Ladders of Opportunity


Common Core - What is It?

Connecting to the Common Core

Connecting to the Common Core(Grades 4 - 8)

Connecting to the Common Core(Grades 9 - 12)

Developing Partnerships in STEAM Education

Eastport Pram Boatbuilding Kit

Foil Boats Lesson Plan

Maritime Academic Education Outcomes

The Fast-Building Team Dory

MACHS Overview 2017


Lofting and Measurements

Maritime High School Curriculum

Small Craft Historic Context

Bayfront Maritime Center Presentation

Maritime Education Around the Country