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Who We Are

The Teaching with Small Boats Alliance (TWSBA) is a collaboration of educators and programs that teach math, science and other essential skills through the process of boat building. Through bi-annual conferences and virtual collaboration, TWSBA works to improve the effectiveness of our member organizations by sharing information and best practices about program development and leadership, hands-on building projects, and integration of maritime-based lessons into the school curriculum.

Organizations from 24 states, Canada and Nova Scotia have participated in our conferences. We invite you to learn more about our conferences and participating organizations.

What We Do

The Teaching With Small Boats Alliance (TWSBA) strengthens the sustainability and effectiveness of member organizations. Through networking and partnerships, TWSBA champions organizations that use maritime skills, arts, and trades as vehicles for individual growth and community development.

TWSBA Statistics

Over 100K

Youths Served Annually

Over 100K

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345 Orgs

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7 International Conferences


From Our Members

"I will never forget the fire, enthusiastic, dedicated, hard working people I met at this conference. They are truly inspirational, and I look forward to staying in touch with a great many of them. Thank you so much for the past few days. They were outstanding."

Conference Attendee

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We've made membership free! We want as few barriers as possible between you and the people, knowledge, and resources within TWSBA. If you teach using small boats or are interested in teaching with small boats, you should Join TWSBA.

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Access to the best practices and educational tools within this website Our quarterly Newsletters and occasional Notes keep you up to date on TWSBA, news, events, resources, and opportunities. Benefits from TWSBA sponsors The ability to apply for any available conference scholarships. TWSBA's job is to help groups connect and share knowledge, as well as best practices. Signing up as a TWSBA member helps us do our job better by providing up-to-date information about the work you're doing, and the populations you are serving.


- Boat Building Teacher

Community Boat Building, Boston, MA

- Executive Director

Community Boat Project, Port Hadlock, Washington

- Director of Boatbuilding Operations

Rockin' the Boat, Bronx, NY, NY

Member Highlight:

Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop (Norfolk, VA)

"Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop's first decade is a portfolio of inspired programming delivered through mentorship and direct experience in the boatshop. That portfolio demonstrates continuous program growth and students benefitting from "After-School Boatbuilding," "Home-School Boatbuilding," "Summer Camps," various spontaneous activities, and most recently, the "Pre-Apprentice Program." TWBW continuously adapts to meet emergent community needs. "