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Indigenous Boats

Community Based Boat Building Overview

Teaching Adults Boat Building

23 Years of Teaching Boatbuilding

CBMM - Apprentice for a Day | Family Boat Shop Programs

Jay Benford

Douglas Brooks Boat Building By Eye

Joe Youcha Math for Boatbuilding

John England - Building without Plans

John England - Large Boat Reconstruction Projects: Restoring the FD Crockett

Malcolm Black - KC Sea Flea Programme

Pattern and Template Making

Pecha Kucha - All Hands Boatworks

Pecha Kucha - Champlain Longboats

Pecha Kucha - Multi-Person Skin on Frame SUP

Pecha Kucha - Vinka Sails Again

Pecha Kucha - Wayne Ford Hudson River Maritime Museum

Developing Partnerships in STEAM Education

Eastport Pram Boatbuilding Kit

The Fast-Building Team Dory

Sea Scouts, BSA

Learning from Longships

St. Ayles Skiffs in Scotland


Lofting and Measurements

Bayfront Maritime Center Presentation