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Hands-On Experiences

Materials and instructions from the 2013 TWSBA Conference Hands-On Experiences.

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Sea Perch is a submersible remote operated vessel (ROV). Thousands have been built and are being used for competitions, as well as environmental science.

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Computer Age...What do these terms really mean? And, how can you use them while you're teaching?

More and more groups are building, and using, these four oared boat. Hear about some of the St. Ayles Skiff projects.

Most of the basic Naval Architecture principles can be demonstrated and experienced with aluminum foil boats. Find out how to explore Archimedes' Principle.

Learn how to use boat design software in a teaching environment.

Most small boats need oars in order to be useful. Building oars can be a great educational experience and can engage larger numbers of students.

Model boats teach many of the same skills as larger boats- and everyone gets to take theirs home! More and more programs incorporate model building. Find out why.

Wood is a tremendous building material. Steambending demonstrates chemistry, physics, material science, botany as well as design and engineering.