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Panel Discussions & Presentations

Presentations and materials from the 2013 TWSBA Conference Panel Discussions.

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Where does leadership reside in an organization? How is it built? How does it get passed on?

Adults are key volunteers. They are students. And, they have different needs than young people. Find out how to best serve them and maximize them as a resource.

The process of building small boats trains future professional boat builders. Many of those future boat builders will be running boat building programs for TWSBA organizations.

Beyond TWSBA. There are many networks of folks using boats to help and educate young people. Find out who they are and how you can tap into their resources.

There's a real difference between in school and out of school programming. Find out how different organizations design and deliver services to young people with diverse needs.

Great ideas are free, but transforming those ideas into meaningful programs takes money. Find out how a few great leaders get funders to invest in their work.

Long before the Europeans colonized North America, native peoples used experiential learning to teach young people what they needed to know.